13th March 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

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It has been my good fortune over the past few years to co-ordinate the Neighbourhood Watch service for Bentworth. However, I have now handed over to Patrick Cornelius, who together with John Stockdale’s e-mails will continue to advise of the goings-on with the Police and the criminal element in our neighbourhood.

May I make one final plea, before I go? If you notice anything that is out of the ordinary in your part of the village, please do not hesitate to ring 101 and let the police know what is happening to give you cause for concern. The police need to be able to piece together information and given as much detail as possible; for example, a car registration or description of people going from door to door. Your Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator is powerless and is only a conduit for information. The person who has seen or heard something unusual can give far more detail to the police, rather than a 3rd person relaying basic information. The Police would rather be ‘in the loop’ if something is going on in our area.

Patrick can be contacted on Patrick.cornelius@talk21.com or 562702. My sincere thanks to him and John for keeping the Neighbourhood Watch scheme operational in Bentworth.

‘Fred’ Moir

[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

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