10th July 2024

St Mary’s School Bentworth Sensory Room

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In a recent meeting with Jo Ayres we discussed the need for a Sensory Room at the school.

There is an ongoing problem in schools with children suffering from anxiety and stress. The idea of the sensory room is to provide a calming environment where children can go.

This was discussed at length with Alton Rotary, who along with Jo Ayres, would like to extend support to parents and their children who are struggling to find the right help to guide them through special needs education.

There are no costs involved, just manpower to wield a paint brush for a couple of hours on 24th August 2024.

We only need a couple of councillors to help out. The room is not large, and the ceiling is quite low so ladders won’t be needed. Currently we have 2 councillors signed up (Simon and Neal) along with 2 Rotarians. Would anyone else like to help out? Ideally we need about 6 heads.

If we do have more helpers we can potentially look at how we could help with an environmental project in the school grounds (also working with Rotary).

Please let Simon our school liaison councillor or Neal know if you can help on 24th August.

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