22nd February 2024

Planning Application for 6 Retirement Bungalows, Glebe Fields (60049)

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Following the parish council meeting on Tuesday 20th February, the council was advised of a notice next to the Glebe Fields site and new documents attached to the planning application number 60049. We have now had the following response from the planning officer at East Hampshire District Council:

Further to our recent telephone discussion, this application is considered a Departure application. A Departure application are those applications that are contrary to the adopted development plan and need to be advertised as such.

As discussed, the advertising of this application as a Departure application has required a new site notice only and no new information has been submitted. I can confirm that the site notice was erected on the 8th February and the Agent provided a photo of the erected site notices which clearly show the date on the 9th February. This means that the 21 day period referred to on the site notice expires on the 1st March so there is still time to comment.

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