11th October 2021

Notice regarding increased aircraft noise

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[Please note that this post was not written on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council, but is deemed relevant to the village. Attached are two documents for further information.]
East Hampshire residents may have noticed the rapid increase in noise from jets, helicoptersand light aircraft as we come out of lockdown. It’s a topic that has appearing regularly in local papers and social media. There are a number of reasons for this. One of them is new flightpaths into/out of Farnborough that came into effect during lockdown. The impact of the 2020 changes to air traffic are being reviewed in October/November and it’s important that people are aware of the review and how they can comment, should they wish. Without being alarmist, Farnborough Airport is currently operating at 30,000 movements a year and it wants to increase it, particularly at weekends. The airport has the potential to handle 100,000 movements a year and that will make it about the 8th busiest airport in the UK. While the immediate focus is on the number of flights and noise, it is part of a wider strategy of aviation growth that will have significant environmental implications.


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