21st February 2020

Lasham Gliding Society Winter Talks 2019/20

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These Saturday talks will usually commence at 6pm and will be held in the Brown Elephant briefing room at Lasham. Although most of the events are free of charge it is customary that a silver collection is made at the end of each talk for the Lasham Trust or other deserving cause of the speaker’s choosing.

Dinner will be available in the restaurant afterwards. Booking is advisable at thegoldenglider@outlook.com. Or 01256 384910. The bar is also available to members and visitors at all times.

Lasham Gliding Society’s address is Lasham Airfield, Avenue Road, Basingstoke, GU34 5SS. Telephone 01256 384900

Saturday 29th Feb – BGA Conference this weekend. – A Lasham event is planned for this date and will be notified in due course and visitors will be welcome.

Saturday 7th March – 16:00hours Lasham Gliding Society Annual General Meeting. This event will be for LGS members only.

Saturday 14th March – A talk by Artyom Liss entitled “The end of the Media? What’s happened to Journalism, and can we fix It? “. – Visitors welcome.

Saturday 21st March –A talk by G Dale on bailing out and also about his recently published books. – Visitors welcome.

Saturday 31st March – Clocks spring forward on this night. Subject to confirmation we will welcome Alan Meredith – Chief Pilot for the British Antarctic survey for an update on flying in Antarctica. This is subject to Al’s Antarctic duties finishing in time for the talk. – Visitors welcome.

Mike Philpott

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