17th September 2019

Hampshire Federation of WI

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Our September Meeting on the 5th at RBL Hall. After the usual business we had a talk by Mr. N Stewart, Grizzly Bears in Alaska. He showed us many wonderful photos of scenery and bears. He went to a lake by small plane as there were no roads and every house had a small plane or sometimes even two!

The Bears did not notice the people if they did not interrupt their fishing for salmon as this is their main food as they have to put on as much weight to see them through their hibernation in the winter. We saw many bears and some cubs and the mothers had to keep a watch to see that male bears were far away as they often kill the cubs

We then had tea and biscuits and thanks to our tea ladies.

Our next meeting on 3rd October at 2.30pm is a talk by Boni Mpario about the Massai in Kenya and Tanzania.

We would welcome new members if you would like information please telephone either 01420 561599 or 01256 381354

Helen Herring

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