18th March 2019

Garden Notes

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Plants like water. Think how they grew when we had lots of rain. The sack of potatoes I bought then had huge ones in it. This year after the dry summer my sack is full of tiddlers. We all want to use water carefully, and there are some easy ways to do this. Water in the evening so that the sun does not evaporate it before it can be used. Water at the base of the plant rather than the border as a whole. Cover the soil with a mulch so that it is protected from the sun. Plant in the right place. If you know it needs lots of water plant in shade. Phlox are quite happy in semi shade. In the veg patch use beans or peas to provide shade for lettuce and other leafy plants. A soaker hose, that can be used off a tap or a water butt, will give water where it is needed using much less water than a sprayer. Having told you this it will probably rain all summer, but at least you can be prepared.

Do get out and visit gardens this summer. You can learn so much from them and probably come home with a plant as well. You see great ideas that you can use. I loved a lavender hedge under planted with allium sphaerocephalum, the maroon heads of the allium rising above the lavender. A planting overhanging a stream of alchemilla mollis and geranium Rozanne. Blue and lime, very pretty. A wood filled with hydrangeas in ice cream colours. A meadow planted with pink hardy geraniums. Everyone needs a pink meadow, or a blue one planted with blue hardy geraniums. See what others put in their tubs and hanging baskets. Top it off with tea and homemade cake and it will be a perfect day.

Stella Strachan

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