6th November 2019

Minutes of Neighbourhood Watch Meeting – 1st November 2019

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There was an open discussion on the best ways to communicate with Village people in regard to security and the Neighbourhood Watch. Many people now use social media as a means of communicating but not all Villagers are involved. The discussion concentrated on how to pass on information, warn people of possible intruders, make people aware of the variety of scams going on.

It was suggested that maybe a group of people representing email, Facebook, What’s app, Next Door through a co-ordinator would give the best results. More investigation needs to be carried out.

Another area discussed was which houses in the Village had CCTV cameras and how to co-ordinate this footage in the event of break-ins, burglaries malicious damage etc. in the Village could be used. It was suggested that the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator keep a list securely that could be used to alert the Police and the Village when incidents happen.

It was also agreed that a list of people who relied on mainline or mobile phones should be gathered rather than the current cascade system. The majority of people on the current cascade system are either on the email list or Facebook.

John Stockdale said that he had put together a Bentworth Neighbourhood Watch website but very few had joined. Here is another way of distributing information. A neighbour had suggested that no through roads could be protected by ensuring that they are not for motorised traffic.

It was also agreed that an article would be placed in the Villager to update people as above and ask how they would want to be contacted by emailing or phoning the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Further meetings would be organized when more information was available, probably on a Tuesday or Wednesday after 1930!

Patrick Cornelius Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.
01420562702 patrick.cornelius@talk21.com

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