10th May 2021

St Mary’s Church Extension Plan

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The time has come for us to update our beautiful Church, the largest building in Bentworth, so it can be used, as well as for services, by the community as a whole. Concerts and other events have been extremely well attended in the past and we should continue to build on that success.

Now it seems likely that the Star Inn is permanently closed there is also a desperate need for Toilet facilities. You will see from the possible plan underneath that the idea is to extend the Church on the north side, to incorporate a disabled Composting toilet, store and kitchenette. Inside, the present Flower arranging lobby will be opened up and some pews removed giving more social space. The heating system, lighting & sound system would be updated and a glass door installed so the porch is fully enclosed, conserving energy! You will have also noticed that essential emergency repairs are presently being carried out on the Victorian bell tower. The PCC would welcome any input from the Bentworth residents.



The diagram below shows the proposed enlargement of the north west corner, showing the planned addition, with kitchen, store with flower arrangers area, and toilet. Entrance through the previous site of a door, with pews removed for access.

Do you agree with this idea of bringing your Church into the modern era?

Please send any thoughts/suggestions to Cathy Dumelow, Church Warden. cathy.dumelow@gmail.com

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