19th May 2020

Bonfires – Message from the Parish Council

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Please remember that if you need anything there are a group of volunteers who are willing and able to help by collecting shopping and prescriptions. Please refer to the flyer in last months issue.

Many of you are taking advantage of the dry sunny weather to get out into your gardens to work; and that, in turn, is generating waste materials that needs to be disposed of. Members of the Parish Council have received some concerns from residents whose neighbours are setting fire to their bonfires during the day when the smoke is drifting across to nearby gardens.

The PC, in line with East Hampshire District Council, would urge residents to avoid lighting bonfires to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone during the coronavirus outbreak. Not only does it impact on neighbours enjoying their gardens during isolation, but the smoke can exacerbate respiratory problems which could be made much worse if a sufferer has the virus or asthma. Please compost garden waste where possible and stack or bag up rubbish for disposal when the current emergency is over.

Thank you for being thoughtful.

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