22nd November 2019

Bentworth Village & Bentworth Neighbourhood Watch Email Distribution Lists and WhatsApp Groups

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I keep two separate email lists of people who live in Bentworth; Bentworth Village and Bentworth Neighbourhood Watch (NHW). I try to keep email addresses private and do not intentionally pass on anyone’s email address. I send the occasional non-commercial, non-political, impartial email to the Bentworth Village list containing information that I think will be informative, useful and/or of interest to them, often forwarded at someone’s request (including the Parish Council’s).

I send a selection of emails that I receive concerning NHW and that I think are relevant to people living in and around Bentworth to the Bentworth NHW list, as agreed with the NHW coordinator or at his request. I only add people to each list at their own request. Should they ever want to be removed from either/both lists they can let me know. Please note that I can only process the emails in slow time and occasionally I may not be able to send any emails at all. You should therefore not rely upon or become dependant on them. If you would like to be added to either/both lists please email me.

Since the NHW meeting the other week I have now set up “Bentworth NHW” and “Bentworth Village” WhatsApp groups. The NHW group is ONLY for NHW related things, the Village one can be used for anything else. If you already use WhatsApp you will know how it works, but I recommend that any others that use a smart phone, but not WhatsApp, try it. It uses mobile telephone numbers, not email addresses. The administrator is responsible for adding/removing members to/from a group but members can remove themselves at any time. Any member can easily (nearly instantaneously) send a secure message to everyone else in the group at any time (including pictures, videos, attachments, and links). if you wish to be added to either/both groups please email me your mobile telephone number. john.stockdale@jhs.myzen.co.uk

John Stockdale

[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

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