Posted on 14 December, 2019

Bentworth Care Group

Bentworth Care Group

As I mentioned last month we are saying Goodbye to some of our existing members who for various reasons are having to step down. A huge thanks to Maureen Brooking, Wendy Young and Sally Magill for their many years of loyal service. Also to Jackie Cleveland who is no longer going to be a driver but has agreed to stay on as Secretary/Treasurer.

We have been lucky enough to be joined by 4 new members, Poo Madge, Catriona Witter, Ali Tollemache and Jenny French who is returning to us after a little break! Please do phone them or they will feel unwanted!

Our members on duty for medical appointments in January are:

Jackie Crawford 561281; Stella Strachan 564195; Judy Fellingham 563614

Our next meeting will be Monday 6th January 12 noon at Bentworth Hall which will incorporate our AGM.

Jackie Crawford

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