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19 May, 2020

Bentworth Care Group

Care Group The Villager

A huge thank you to all the villagers who have stepped up to volunteer to help friends and neighbours during this stressful time. The Bentworth Care Group was established just over 30yrs ago primarily to take villagers, unable to get there by other means, to medical and dental appointments. We also where required took our more elderly customers to do shopping and pick up prescriptions. ...

19 May, 2020

Bentworth Film Night – Update

Film Club The Villager

As with all events, we are sadly having to take a break from the Film Night whilst we all have to stay at home and keep safe. The Film Night was launched in June 2018 and we are very pleased that it has been well supported by not only Bentworth Villagers but also those from the surrounding area. ...

19 May, 2020

St Mary’s Bentworth Drop-in at the Sun Inn

Pubs The Villager

We very much look forward to returning to our weekly get togethers on a Wednesday morning. We are all missing our chatter and will have so much to catch up with once pubs can open again. ...

19 May, 2020

Parish Councillors

Parish Council The Villager

The Parish have a group of volunteers who have been elected, or in the absence of elections are co-opted, onto the Council. We meet 8 times a year in the village hall and work together to improve the lives of the residents. ...

19 May, 2020

Bonfires – Message from the Parish Council

The Villager

Please remember that if you need anything there are a group of volunteers who are willing and able to help by collecting shopping and prescriptions. Please refer to the flyer in last months issue. ...

19 May, 2020

Garden Notes – Spring

Garden Club The Villager

What a spring. The blossom was superb though short lived after the very hot Easter. No one to share it with sadly. I have one late magnolia that comes out with the apple blossom. It is a large flowered yellow with a pink flush at the base called Sunsation. I only got it because it was in a sale at a garden centre and a cousin urged me on. It was still expensive!! It is now about 12 ft high and still going and is covered with flowers. The best things about it are that it flowers late and misses the frosts and unlike many other yellow ones the leaves come after the flowers. ...

19 May, 2020

Farm Diary

The Villager

I began and ended last month’s piece with comments about the big dry after the winter’s big wet and a request for rain. It is still dry although we have had some useful rain which should keep the crops, grass and gardens growing well. ...

19 May, 2020

Church Services and Rota

Church The Villager

As our churches are locked, and we are unable to hold services for worship, there is no possibility to go in to clean. We are unable to print a list for Marthas, or the Service schedule. ...

11 May, 2020

Broadlands RDA Talks – New Speaker for May 19th


An Evening with Simon Harby – 360 Degrees by Motorbike and a Little Bit More Around the world by motorcycle ~ 2002-2005 Simon is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He delivered this presentation to the RGS as one of their Monday night lectures in 2008. He notably crossed Myanmar and the Shan Plateau. This was one of the first crossings by Brits, since the military junta took over 50 years ago. ...

08 April, 2020

Bentworth Cricket Club

Cricket Club The Villager

Bentworth Cricket Club is looking for new players for 2020 season which starts in May and playing a gentle league standard in Hampshire NE Division 5, with home games played at our delightful home ground and usually retiring to our second home, The Sun pub, afterwards. ...