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19 May, 2020

Bentworth Film Night – Update

Film Club The Villager

As with all events, we are sadly having to take a break from the Film Night whilst we all have to stay at home and keep safe. The Film Night was launched in June 2018 and we are very pleased that it has been well supported by not only Bentworth Villagers but also those from the surrounding area. ...

19 May, 2020

Parish Councillors

Parish Council The Villager

The Parish have a group of volunteers who have been elected, or in the absence of elections are co-opted, onto the Council. We meet 8 times a year in the village hall and work together to improve the lives of the residents. ...

19 May, 2020

Bonfires – Message from the Parish Council

The Villager

Please remember that if you need anything there are a group of volunteers who are willing and able to help by collecting shopping and prescriptions. Please refer to the flyer in last months issue. ...

19 May, 2020

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – AGM May 2020

Meetings Parish Council

At the AGM zoom meeting Jane Costigan and Veronica Parker were voted in again as Chair and Vice Chair of Bentworth Parish Council. The rest of the Council remains as Tony Costigan, Chris Hurley, Callum Knight and Danny Green. ...

19 May, 2020

Bee News


This good weather has got the bees working hard and keeping me on my toes. There was a swarm in the village last month, a very rare event for April. It was quite large one and high up, so difficult to reach. I set a bait hive which had quite a few visits by scout bees, but they were not able to impress the rest of the swarm. ...

19 May, 2020

Garden Notes – Spring

Garden Club The Villager

What a spring. The blossom was superb though short lived after the very hot Easter. No one to share it with sadly. I have one late magnolia that comes out with the apple blossom. It is a large flowered yellow with a pink flush at the base called Sunsation. I only got it because it was in a sale at a garden centre and a cousin urged me on. It was still expensive!! It is now about 12 ft high and still going and is covered with flowers. The best things about it are that it flowers late and misses the frosts and unlike many other yellow ones the leaves come after the flowers. ...