15th April 2021

Notice of confirmed order – public path diversion

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On the 26 March 2021 Hampshire County Council confirmed the above Order made under section 119 of the Highways Act 1980.

The effect of the Order as confirmed is to divert that part of Bentworth Footpath 5 that currently runs from a junction with School Lane at 6642 4037 in a south-easterly direction through the grounds of Saint Mary’s Bentworth C of E Primary School to a junction with Bentworth Footpaths 6 and 7 at SU 6651 4027, to a new alignment commencing approximately 13m south of the existing junction with School Lane at SU 6643 4036 and proceeding in an easterly then southerly direction to the north of the school to a junction with Bentworth Footpath 6 at SU 6659 4036.

The full document is attached below.


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