Posted on 11 March, 2018

The Government has changed the ground rules

The Government has changed the ground rules

BENTWORTH PARISH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN                                      Boyd McCleary

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

The Government has changed the ground rules

In late January we learned that the government had moved the goal-posts.  EHDC briefed representatives of all towns and parishes in the region of changes which were being made at national level through the government’s most recent Housing White Paper and subsequent amendments to legislation, National Planning Policy Guidance and National Planning Policy Framework.  You may have seen some reporting on this in the national or local press.

The key messages were that:

We have subsequently met EHDC bilaterally to discuss the implications for the Bentworth Neighbourhood Plan.  They told us that:


The Steering Committee has met to consider these developments and has concluded that it would not make sense to press ahead with the completion of our Neighbourhood Plan regardless. This is primarily because of the uncertainty about how many houses may now be required of Bentworth and whether additional sites will become available, and the reduced force of the Neighbourhood Plan if it is not aligned with the new Local Plan. We have decided that we should continue to work up the narrative of the plan and also the Vision, Objectives and Policies, which are unlikely to be significantly affected by the legal changes.  We will continue to review the sites currently in the frame, but will put on hold for now any decision on the allocation of a site or sites for development.


These changes at national government level are  completely outside our control and not welcomed by the Committee.  We will keep in close touch with EHDC and will continue to keep parishioners posted.


Comprehensive material on the Neighbourhood Plan remains available on the Parish Council website:


Anyone who would like to contact the Steering Committee can do so by sending us an email at






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