1st May 2019

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – 7th May

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NALC regulations stipulate that newly elected Councillors cannot be summoned to attend their first annual council meeting until they have taken office on the 6th May. This means that the first day on which they can be given notice to attend a meeting is the same day, ie the 6th.

All agendas must be issued at least three working days beforehand thus meaning Bentworth Parish Council cannot host a meeting on the 7th as at that point we will only have two Cllrs, Veronica Parker and Jane Costigan. All retiring Cllrs cease to be Cllrs on the 6th May also so cannot be called upon to attend.

In lieu of this anomaly it has been agreed that next week on the 7th Bentworth Parish Council will host the Annual Parish Meeting ONLY which is the County Cllr reports, District Councillor reports etc and no actual decisions taken. The AGM that will allow us to vote a new Chair and Co-opt new Cllrs will now take place on Thursday 16th May.

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