13th March 2018

Bentworth Pond

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By the time this is published we will hopefully be firmly into spring weather and the snow and ice a distant memory. The village pond has retained its water level and there has been a lovely display of snowdrops around it and the daffodils are just beginning to show (they are probably in flower by now).

It has taken a long time and quite a lot of money to re-instate the pond so I was sad to see that during the time the pond was iced over, some children decided that it would be good fun to throw bricks, flints, a metal pole and other debris onto the ice. Julian and I did try to drag some of the debris to the bank but the ice was not firm enough to stand on.

Inevitably as the ice melts these will find their way into the pond. The possible consequence of this is damage to the liner and undoing all the work that has been put into making it viable again.

The hope is that this pond will become a wildlife haven both in the water and around it which can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors. I would ask that everyone is aware that throwing ‘stuff’ into/onto the pond can only damage it and any pond life that takes up residence. Please help to safe guard all the work put into this project but asking anyone you may see throwing anything that does not belong in the water to STOP.

Jenny Lewis

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