21 February, 2020

Farm Diary

The Villager

I hope everyone has survived the storm Ciara reasonably intact. There are a few trees down but nothing too horrendous. In spite of the rain and the wind the birds seem to be looking for nest sites and pairingup. We have various nest boxes scattered around the garden and have noticed a pair of blue tits taking great interest in one of them to the extent that they have started building a nest. We just have to hope that the weather does not now turn very cold and kill any chicks that may hatch early. ...

21 February, 2020

Lent Concert – Saturday 29th February

Church Events The Villager

Lent concert by Alton Choral Society in Alton Abbey Church 2.30pm Saturday February 29th 2020 Tickets £10 to include tea, to be booked in advance. Available from: Tickets, Friends of Alton Abbey, Alton Abbey, Abbey Road, Beech, Alton, GU34 4AP ...

21 February, 2020

Julian Meetings

Church The Villager

Our Julian meetings are now held on a Monday, once a month, at 8pm. The change of day may make it easier for others to join us – if you would like to you would be very welcome; please contact Gay Howard 565993, or email julian@howard.nildram.co.uk.; or myself on 01420 562126. ...

16 February, 2020

Bentworth Film Night – Tuesday 10th March

Events Film Club

We are pleased to announce that our next film, Official Secrets, will be shown on Tuesday 10th March. Official Secrets tells the true story of a British whistleblower, Katherine Gun, who leaked information to the press about an illegal spy operation, the purpose of which was to push the UN into supporting the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At great personal and professional risk, journalist Martin Bright published the leaked document in The Observer newspaper in London and the story made headlines around the world. ...

07 February, 2020

Planning Application 57954 – Agricultural Building, Station Road, Bentworth, Alton

Parish Council Planning

District Councillor Tony Costigan has provided the following information about the above planning application, provided by the EHDC Planning Team: To clarify, 57954 is a prior notification, not a conventional planning application. It is a process set by Government to allow the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings to dwellings without applying for full planning permission. ...

30 January, 2020

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – 4th February 2020

Meetings Parish Council

There will be a meeting of Bentworth Parish Council at 7:30pm on 4th February 2020 in the Jubilee (School) Hall. The agenda is available to download.

24 January, 2020

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2019

The Villager

The Bentworth contribution to the Appeal was £1407.11.This was raised by door to door collections, the School, the Sun Inn, the Remembrance Day service collection and will be augmented by Gift Aid. ...