31st January 2022

Ultrafast Broadband update

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This is the first in a series of updates designed to keep you up to date with our progress towards installing the infrastructure needed for the broadband upgrade.

We had a very good response to our request, with 117 households committing to the upgrade.  Although this is 5 below our break-even target, we have several ‘maybes’ that we hope to convert before the final list is sent to Building Digital UK (BDUK – the government department that administers the voucher scheme) as set out below. If you know someone in the village who didn’t sign up but now wishes to then please let us know; it is not too late.

We have now submitted a revised list of interested properties to Openreach.  As there were additions, Openreach are in the process of reviewing their original quote to see if these will affect the final price. They will then come back to us with a revised quote. This may take a little while, especially as they are currently very busy, and we will let you know when there is anything further to report.

The next steps in the process, as we understand them, are:

  • When Openreach come back to us with a revised quote, we decide if we want to accept it and we confirm the people who have agreed to upgrade
  • Openreach submit the list to BDUK.  They will contact a subset of people on the list and use the responses they get to determine how many vouchers they will approve
  • Openreach will work out the difference (hopefully zero!) between the cost of the work and the value of the vouchers, and bill us for that amount.  We are working on a plan should there be something to pay.
  • Depending on the final bill, we either agree and the work is scheduled into their master build plan, or we decline and the project is shelved.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim Lipscombe or Dan Steel and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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