06 December, 2017

Bentworth Parish Council Planning Meeting – 12th December 2017

There will be a meeting of Bentworth Parish Council Planning Committee on 12th December 2017 at 7:00pm in the Jubilee (school) Hall. The agenda is attached. ...

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03 December, 2017

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 7th November 2017

The minutes of the Bentworth Parish Council meeting held on 7th November 2017 are attached.

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02 December, 2017

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – 5th December 2017

There will be a meeting of Bentworth Parish Council at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 5th December 2017 in the Jubilee (school) Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend. ...

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24 November, 2017

Farm News

Harvest and planting are now complete. The wet September changed to a fairly dry October and the winter crops for 2018 harvest were planted and so far are looking pretty good with even emergence and no “holes” (bare patches) evident. The seeding process varies a little between fields but usually consists of the following operations – spraying the stubble of the previous crop to kill the weeds and volunteers (the seed lost from the combine that then germinates), a cultivation to a depth of about 15 cm with 6 legs followed by 2 rows of discs and a heavy press wheel to condition the soil. This pass is fairly rain safe in that it will take about ½ inch of rain without becoming a sodden morass. ...

19 November, 2017

Public Meeting 28th November 2017

PUBLIC MEETING 28th NOVEMBER 2017 We are holding a further Public Meeting in the Jubilee Hall at 7:00pm on Tuesday 28th November (doors open and drinks and mince pies will be served at 6:30pm). At this meeting we will provide details of the six sites now potentially available for development and seek the views of parishioners on the relative merits of the sites. We will also brief parishioners on the next steps in the process. Everyone will have a chance to air their views and ask questions. You will be invited to express your preference as to the most suitable site(s). This will be the last public meeting before we make our final recommendations, so we would welcome as many parishioners as possible. ...

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