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Update on Bentworth Church Projects

Update on Bentworth Church Projects

During November, we completed the replacement of the old boiler and oil tank with new ones. As with any modifications to an existing system, we have had a few teething problems, mainly due to the new system being more powerful than the original system.

Hopefully, we have sorted all of the snags and have a more efficient and reliable system. As expected, we have had to replace several associated items like the access ladder and the covers to tank and boiler, but look as though we will just remain within the allotted budget of £12,500. We have asked several organisations for grants to help finance this cost and anticipate receiving £1,500 from Bentworth Parish Council and East Hampshire District Council. We are extremely grateful for these generous contributions, but this still leaves the Parish to raise the considerable balance.

The clock has fortunately kept going over the Winter which has allowed us to defer the replacement of the motors, hopefully until after Easter, at a cost of £7,400. In addition, we have several items of periodic maintenance to the damp proofing, drainage, and repairs to a few but widely separated roof tiles which have moved in recent storms which will eat a further £2,000.

We are still exploring other possible sources of grant funding, but these are not looking particularly likely.

We have had a few generous donations to date, and we have a small number of regular contributors to the Church Fabric Fund who really do help us with the regular maintenance, but we really need to raise funds from the community. We will be holding a major fund raising activity in June, but we also need a lot more individual contributions.

Any amount will assist and be gratefully received.

Some villagers have expressed their intention to contribute and we would ask that you make a donation soon as we have already paid for the boiler work from reserves. Cheques made out to PCC of St Mary’s Bentworth can be put in an envelope and left in the Church or given to any member of the PCC, who will also be happy to arrange to collect donations from you at home. For those who pay tax, Gift Aided contributions add 25% to the value of the donation at no additional cost to the donor. Gift Aid envelopes are available in the Church, or PCC members will deliver one-off Gift Aid forms to you on request.

Please consider donating to help us maintain this beautiful historic building which is at the heart of our community by helping us to raise the £18,400 we urgently need.

Mervyn Dunwoody

[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

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