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St Mary’s School Bentworth

St Mary’s School Bentworth

 The Generation Game

As part of the Hampshire Rural Delivery Strategy, St Mary’s Bentworth CE Primary School applied, and has been accepted, onto a community-based resilience project – THE GENERATION GAME. By involving the community in rural life, we aim to support community resilience and challenge rural isolation and loneliness. By doing this, we hope to enrich the education experience for children and support community cohesion.

Our second Generation Game day was held earlier this term and was a great success. The children had lots of fun whilst exploring why and how we could relax. Looking after mind, body and soul is crucial and as adults we have our ways of relaxing to ensure we have a ‘down time’ to ‘reboot’ and ‘charge up’ ready for the next challenge and adventure.

This is also a crucial skill for our children to learn. At the core of St Mary’s values lies our care of individuals and our nurture of the whole child… This event gave us time to explore these very important life skills with the children. The firm favourites on the day were the ‘Relaxation Room’ with classical meditative music and sensory soft lighting and the hand massage kindly supplied by ‘Taylored Beauty’.

Another day is planned for the Autumn term with a special ‘villages’ activity – it is very exciting so please look out for the ‘Grand Reveal’!

Elder Class

As the days flash by for Elder Class, we are reflecting on the fact that we need to make all of these last days at St. Mary’s count, before we move onto the big, wide world of secondary school! After SAT’s week was finished (which we took in our stride!) we enjoyed our ‘Health and Wellbeing’ week. This week was all about the importance of taking care of our mind, body and soul. We had a relaxing yoga session and a heart pumping Zumba workshop, took part in a debate about whether screens should be banned for under 16s, and, of course, the amazing Generation Game afternoon! We are now hand massage experts!

We have also had the excitement of discovering the name of the musical we are putting on as our end of term production (Dazzle!), and finding out the characters we will be playing! We have made a great start on learning the songs and have begun rehearsing the acting! We can’t wait for everyone to see our performance!

Lime Class

This week has been a busy one! Lime Class have been practising their new maypole dancing routines in preparation for a performance at the village fête. The sun was shining and they showed excellent concentration when mastering some challenging patterns!

We have also been busy Scientists. The children have been learning about the digestive system, teeth and food chains. The children wrote some brilliant poems and created some entertaining drama about their learning, making it memorable for everyone!

The children have also been thinking about the symbolism of trees in RE. They had some brilliant discussions, talking about what trees might represent and symbolise. Some of the children felt that trees might represent new beginnings, hope, safety, freedom and life. Well done on some great discussions!

Ash Class

The children have written their own story about being stranded in the Amazon Rainforest. They have been so descriptive and have really built suspense to make the reader worry about the characters. Here is Evie’s fantastic opening sentence: “It all started when I woke up one morning and found myself lying on the leafy floors of the mysterious Amazon Rainforest.” Wow!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather to go outside and create our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. The outcome of these were fantastic and the children had great fun making them!

We have enjoyed looking at different habitats around the school grounds to see how the animals and insects are adapted to live there. When we got back into class, we were given 10 minutes to work with our group to prepare a presentation of our learning to the rest of the class. What fantastic presentations they were!

We have researched deforestation and began to think about ways we can help prevent it. We are setting ourselves a challenge to try and not waste paper and to recycle more frequently to do our bit for the environment. We have even written letters to the Embassy of Brazil in London to share our views on this issue and we are really hoping to receive a letter back!

Oak Class

We have started the second part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic in Oak Class—Superheroes! We have an AMAZING new role play (thanks to Mrs Matharu giving up time in her half term holiday) which includes a Batmobile! It’s a secret superhero hideout and we have the phone numbers of any of the superheroes if there is a problem. We know who to call!

In English we have started looking at speech bubbles and thought bubbles. We are using the book ‘Supertato’ to create our own mini comic strips.

Year R have had a superhero theme to their enhanced provision too—a popular activity is ‘Shoot the Villain.’ You have to read the tricky word and if you get it right—shoot the villain with a water pistol. It is great fun in this lovely weather!

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