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St Mary’s School, Bentworth

St Mary’s School, Bentworth

Quite some months ago Y3-Y6 pupils were asked to write under the title ‘Our Beautiful World’ – forty-three children entered. St Mary’s are delighted to announce the Rotary Writer Awards: Congratulations to them all!

Chawton, Four Marks and Medstead also entered the competition and the finalists from all the schools will be announced at a special awards reception held this year at St Mary’s. It will be a wonderful evening full of inspiration!

The summer fête will soon be upon us and we hope that Year R from St Mary’s will be able to perform a new routine from Confident Kids! (Save the date:.Bentworth Fête 2nd July 2.00-5.00 pm)

News from the classes

Elder Class

This term has kicked off to a speedy start with the children working hard to ensure that they are confident to face the SAT’s tests! We have been brushing up on our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar – not the food type unfortunately!), our maths and our reading comprehension. Phew! However, there has also been plenty of exciting new learning! For example, in Science, we have been learning about the classification of living organisms and how they can be sorted into five main kingdoms: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protoctista and Monera.

We put together an amazing Sharing Assembly based on our new learning – it was great! We have also been out in the sunshine conducting investigations linked to the classification of plants. We are really happy the sun is shining, and can’t wait to do more learning outside!

Lime Class

The children have been perfecting their shapes in gymnastics, focusing on the pike and straddle shapes. In our PE session this week they worked with a partner to include these shapes in a sequence. Their work had to demonstrate strong body tension with unison and canon movements. The results were excellent:

The year 5’s have been busy mathematicians, challenging themselves. They have been drawing upon all of their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division learning, in order to solve increasingly complex problems. One problem had half a page of information, required 18 different calculations to be chosen and solved, and took the whole lesson! They have enjoyed the challenge and have felt a great sense of achievement.

Year 4 have been equally busy with their maths learning. They have learnt a new tool of the ‘bar model’ to handle calculations with increased flexibility. They have also been revising how to use derived facts, becoming experts at this skill and reaching the ‘Eureka’ moment!

Lime Class have been very busy writing their own stories inspired by the short Pixar animation ‘La Luna’. They have done lots of drama and had opportunities to discuss many of their ideas. They have really worked hard on the ‘proof reading’ process, aiming to correct spellings and improve their writing with lots of grammar tools. The children have chosen to write their stories specifically for children in Year 3 or Year 6, and they are looking forward to sharing their stories when they are completed!

Oak Class

It has been a busy half term for Oak Class. We have started our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and started by looking at postmen. We worked hard when writing letters to tell our friends all about our likes and dislikes. We then looked at Doctors and Nurses, we focussed our learning on Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals and training for nurses. Oak Class have also been enjoying the sunshine, playing on our new balance bikes. They are lots of fun and we learnt why it is always important to wear a helmet when riding a bike. We also had our own tea party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. We had cakes and said a prayer for her. We are looking forward to the rest of the Summer Term, including a trip to the beach!

THE FAMOUS CURRY QUIZ NIGHT at Bentworth School on 15th April 2016. Governor of St. Mary’s Bentworth

Yes, there isn’t a lot more to say, it was stupendous, buzzing, and the hall was extremely full. The food was fabulous, with Mrs Matharu’s authentic home cooked Indian Cuisine. She and her family and her happy band of helpers even produced a vegan menu on request for a handful of locals. There were 2 kinds of curry, lentil and lamb, a warm spicy salad, Bombay Aloo, (potatoes tempered with black mustard seeds), all served with hot chapattis, cumin infused rice, mixed mint salad, cucumber yoghurt. It was all exceedingly yummy. The dessert was a delicious warm sweet carrot pudding served with ice cream. It is a secret old family recipe, and I was told that if I found out they would have to shoot me.

My grateful thanks go to everyone who helped organise the event, mostly Mrs Maninder Matharu and her family, Emily Messenger for organising the quiz, Jo Ayres for presenting the quiz, and all the members of staff and the mums from the school, who so valiantly manned the kitchen. Thank you for any raffle prizes which were donated. My thanks also to the parents and the local community for supporting our Curry Night. There was a raffle, and believe it or not between the curry night and the raffle £1817.91p

was raised for the school. Finally, rumour has it from a very reliable source that next year’s menu is being worked on, so watch this space.

Jean Cornelius

[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

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