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St Mary’s School, Bentworth

St Mary’s School, Bentworth

Earlier this month, St Marys Bentworth invited Chris Lubbe to the school to talk to their pupils. Years 5 and 6 from Preston Candover and Medstead primary schools were also invited to meet this inspirational man for what turned out to be a truly amazing day and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Growing up in a ghetto in Durban and experiencing first-hand the brutality of apartheid was a catalyst for preparing Chris for his involvement in the struggle for democracy in South Africa. His story includes themes such as fear, determination, courage, love and forgiveness, all in the face of blatant racial discrimination.

What has been truly outstanding is just how far-reaching Chris Lubbe’s message has been. So many parents have heard their children speak with deep understanding, knowledge and enthusiasm about resilience and the social challenges that he faced in his life and during his time with Nelson Mandela. Chris was so impressed with the children and was genuinely touched by some of their thoughtful questions and reflections.

It was a very special day for the children and one that will hopefully be capitalised on to enable our children to become the citizens of the future that we need.

As fate would have it, on the day that Chris Lubbe came to the school, we also had a visit from OFSTED. The pupils responded beautifully and the inspection was robust and rigorous as it should be and the school and all its members dealt with the situation beautifully. The report will be out in the next two weeks.

Intergenerational Project for Rural Schools and their communities: Bringing generations together

St Mary’s Bentworth CE Primary School applied, and has been accepted, onto a community-based project. This exciting initiative is part of the Hampshire Rural Delivery Strategy. This strategy is aimed at supporting community resilience and challenging rural isolation and loneliness.

The Intergenerational Project has been developed with the long-term future in mind and places schools at the heart of creating links within their communities. Through various groups, adults and children, the school has drafted some ideas but it is vital to get some feedback, make links and some fresh contacts.

We would be very grateful for all comments to help build a project that can enable our school values to be lived out in action with our communities. ‘Belonging’ is one of our school values and we hope that we can start to deepen this through this project.

Your village representatives would be happy to talk about any ideas, discuss our ideas

so far or pass on questions:

Bentworth: Mrs Jean Cornelius (Governor) Herriard: Mrs Katie Freer
Shalden: Mrs Cathy Boyes
Lasham: Mr Charlie Shaylor
Beech: Mrs Ruth Dewing
Four Marks and Medstead: Mrs Jane Wray
Alton: Mrs Jo Ayres (Headteacher)

Elder Class at St. Mary’s, Bentworth have had an action packed beginning to 2016! After a wonderful break, we returned ready to discover everything we could about Ancient Greece, delve into the intricacies of the novel ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz, work hard on new, more complicated mathematics, become master photographers, and train to become Play Leaders! To become a Play Leader, the children of Elder Class had to work hard learning the details of leadership, including: how to communicate effectively in different ways; how to create games that focus on a certain skills; how to ensure that the participants are fully involved; and how to ensure you have chosen the right equipment for your game!

After plenty of theory, and lots of practice, the class took their final assessment, leading the children of Oak Class magnificently through a variety of games!

Over the past few days Lime Class have been learning about Materials in our Science Topic. They began by classifying solids, liquids and gases. They used their own observations and learnt about the molecular structure of each of these, to help them do this. They drew upon their acting skills to present their learning through interviewing each of a solid, liquid and gas to learn about their properties. Next the children set a frozen jelly baby free from an ice cube, using their knowledge of temperature, surface area and melting to help them. There was great excitement in the room and thankfully, all jelly babies were rescued in record time! The children have also enjoyed acting out different parts of the water cycle. They even sang a song about it to help them remember the difference between evaporation, condensation and precipitation!

This term has been a busy one in Oak Class and we have all really enjoyed our Dinosaurs topic! We have been pretending to be ‘fossil hunters’ this week (getting ready for our visit from the dinosaur man after half term!) We looked at some fossils last week and had a go at guessing which part of the dinosaur they might be. Then we designed our own fossils. This week we have been using clay to make them. It was quite tricky because we had to make sure we didn’t carve the design too deep— the fossils fell apart if we did this!

Year 1 have started writing stories based on the books ‘Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs,’ making sure we use lots of interesting vocabulary to grab the attention of the reader.

Year R have made their own plasticine dinosaurs and have been writing descriptive sentences about them. We have also made a dinosaur swamp under the canopy, it’s a bit messy but lots of fun!

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