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St Mary’s School Bentworth

St Mary’s School Bentworth

Another busy and very varied term at St Mary’s! The children would like to share with you some of the fantastic things they have been doing.

As part of our ‘Health and Well-being’ week all children became Dementia friends by completing an awareness session and reflecting on what they think we should do as a community to support dementia sufferers.

Oak Class

We had a lot of fun during Health and Wellbeing week. We enjoyed learning about dementia and are very proud of our ‘Dementia Friend’ badges! We all decided that it’s not important whether older people can remember names or what day of the week it is, as long as they still like to have fun! We spent the week thinking a lot about what makes us happy. We had lots of interesting answers. These included: going for a ride in daddy’s lorry, going swimming at the beach, having lots of friends and eating ice cream.

Ash Class

We are really enjoying the summer term so far. We have been learning about countries and continents of the world and thinking about what it might be like to live in another country. As part of this learning we were able to link up with a school in Tennessee in North America and learn what it is like to grow up there. We also had the opportunity to ask questions to two special guests about their lives growing up in another country and hear about their experiences on making a new life in England.

This half term we are continuing our geography topic and we will be thinking about our climate in England and comparing it with the climates in other countries. As the summer approaches we will be thinking about how where we choose to go on holiday often depends on the climate that we want to experience.

Lime Class

Last Thursday we had a whole day for Design and Technology- it was awesome! We made Viking Longboats! We found it really interesting and enjoyable. We transformed a cereal box into arealistic Viking boat. We designed our own sail, flag and shields to reflect our personality. We made them bright and colourful so we can put them on display. We also made our own dragon’s head and tail and had to make them look fierce and bold. The outside of the boat was painted brown with watercolours. We had to use only a little bit of water and a lot of paint to make a bold deep colour. We feel that our Viking boats are really realistic and we are very proud of them. Photos will be going on the website soon so watch this space!

By Caity Stevens and Kyree Collins

Elder Class

Last week in Elder class we went to the Hawk Conservancy for the day and what a brilliant day it was! We saw Hooded Vultures being fed dead rabbits (I won’t go into detail because of the younger audience). There were over 150 birds of prey to find.

The first show was Wings of Africa where lots of birds flew over our heads (as Henry found out!) Later that day we watched Valley of the Eagles demonstration, where we saw a Bald Eagle come from two miles away in the speed of a blink!

We saw a Peregrine Falcon dive and Black Kites doing acrobatics in the wind. It was amazing! We all loved the birds and the donkeys were fabulous too! We all had a legendary day!

By Joe Beaumont.

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