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St Mary’s School, Bentworth

St Mary’s School, Bentworth

Pupils from St Mary’s really enjoyed their involvement in the Bentworth fête. The ensemble delighted us with their wonderful playing and it was particularly good to welcome back some ex-pupils who supported the younger children. The range of instruments included was really very impressive. How fortunate we were to have the opportunity to watch the children Maypole dancing, it was an idyllic scene watching them on a beautiful sunny day and their expertise is really something. Our thanks go to Mrs Dumelow, Mrs Freer, Miss Quirk and Mrs Macey for all their hard work preparing the children for their performances.

It is always sad when you face the prospect of saying ‘farewell and good luck’ to your Year 6 pupils as they spread their wings into Secondary school. However, it is also a very proud and moving period in the school calendar, especially the Winchester Cathedral Year

6 Leavers Service. It really gives each pupil an opportunity to reflect on their primary years with honesty and thankfulness and look forward to the next stage of their learning journey. It was particularly moving this year as our pupils were chosen to perform at the service. It was a privilege to
be given this opportunity at such a special event. Year 6 really came together to perform a thought-provoking, polished and modern dance.

The PTA organised a new event this term which we hope will become something of a tradition, the St Mary’s Challenge Quiz! A team of 8 pupils from across the school pitted their wits against a team of governors in a heated two round quiz. First was the specialist subject round: The First World War. The governors were trounced fair and square by the pupils who had obviously taken in so much in their learning. The governors fought back in the second round: Facts about St Mary’s School, but their efforts were not sufficient to take the prize from the pupils who, to the cheers of their classmates, were pronounced the winners and presented with trophies to line their mantelpieces at home. The governors resolved to do better next time and hope the children look forward to a rematch!

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