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News from St Mary’s School, Bentworth

News from St Mary’s School, Bentworth

The whole school marked the 70th anniversary of VE day with a day of remembrance and celebration. We were particularly lucky to be joined by many of the pupils’ grandparents, one or two of whom were able to share their own memories of VE day itself. Having spent the morning in class with the children, and some sharing a school lunch, the grandparents and other family and friends were treated to an afternoon of fabulous maypole dancing.

Elder Class

We have had an amazing time at St Mary’s School. We have been doing fun activities to remember VE Day. Everyone had an awesome time learning about the celebrations at the end of World War 2. From 1pm to 3.30pm we danced and danced! We danced around the maypole; it was exhausting but great fun! We made some amazing patterns and practised some great dances. VE Day could not have been any better for the school and we felt that we shared some of the joy people must have felt 70 years ago on that momentous day.
By Charlie Wenman

Lime Class

We have had a very busy time in Lime Class. Our maypole dance rehearsals were great fun; we have really had to concentrate hard. We think that the dancing really helps us to learn how to work in a team and the pattern left on the pole by the beautiful ribbons represents what teamwork can look like!

Children from Y5 have also had ‘Bikeability’ week. They have progressed from working on the school playground to being taken round the village to improve their bike handling and safely skills. Some of you may have seen them cycling carefully as you passed through the village.

Ash Class

Ash Class have been very busy learning all about Paddington Bear’s adventures and using them to inspire their writing. We have written instructions on how to make a marmalade sandwich, written a luggage label so that Paddington does not get lost and a diary entry to describe Paddington’s long journey from Peru to London and we are now working on writing a letter to Mr Brown to help him make Paddington feel more welcome in England. For this writing we are learning about British values and cultural diversity so that we can help Mr Brown be more understanding of Paddington’s differences. Recently pupils were lucky enough to be able to show off their learning when they had lots of visitors on Grandparents Day. We are really enjoying our Paddington topic!

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