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Sun Inn – Thank You

Sun Inn – Thank You

As you all probably know I was at The Sun for 18 years 2 months to the day. It is a most wonderful and unique pub, and I had a really great time there, with fabulous staff and great customers. A very big thank you to those of you who supported the pub during that time.

My staff were the best and they gave The Sun a really welcoming atmosphere of friendliness and laughter with great service. I cannot speak highly enough of them and thank them for all their great efforts over the years. I prided myself on remembering peoples faces and the whole thing worked.

I had been in the pub trade for 40 years. It was a way of life; but the hours of 80/90 per week had got the better of me, so I went for retirement. I have gone from all to nothing at all, which is an awful shock. I miss the pub so much, all my lovely staff, the customers, the laughter, the jokes, and the company.

I cannot thank you all enough for your very generous cheque. I was completely overwhelmed and speechless (very unusual for me). I will be buying things for my new flat.

My sincere thanks to Roy Kendrick and David Hawes for organising it all. I also received 92 cards, scented candles, soaps, flowers, scarves, chocolates, plants, a cook book, champagne, homemade jam, a hand painted picture of The Sun, wine, necklaces, perfume, 2 massive John Lewis vouchers, 2 tickets for the O2 tennis final in November, and from my fantastic staff -dinner for 2 at the Shard, London.

I wish Johnny and Brian all the very best in their purchase of The Sun, and every good luck to Lee and Sian, who will be running it for them. You have got a great pub there, with fantastic staff, and great customers, work it well.

To all past, present and future customers of The Sun – you have got one of the best pubs around, use it!

Mary Holmes

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