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Sale of the Star Inn, Bentworth

Sale of the Star Inn, Bentworth

LOCALISM ACT 2011 (‘the Act’)

In accordance with section 97(4) of the Act NOTICE is hereby given that the owner of The Star
Inn (‘the owner’) has provided the Council with written notification under section 95(2) of the Act
(‘the notice’) of it’s intention to sell The Star Inn.

The Star Inn is included in the Council’s list of assets of community value (‘ACV’) in accordance
with the Act and, as such, the notice has triggered an interim six-week moratorium period during
which the owner is unable to sell The Star Inn. During the interim moratorium period a
community interest group (‘CIG’) may request to be treated as a potential bidder for-The-Star Inn.
Under the Act, a CIG includes (a) the Parish Council or one of the following with a local connection
with the land; (b) a charity, (c) a company limited by guarantee which does not distribute any
surplus it makes to its members (d) an industrial and provident society which does not distribute
any surplus it makes to its members or (e) a community interest group. It is not necessary for
CIG making such a request to have been the body that initially nominated The Star Inn to be listed
as an ACV.

There is no requirement on how this request should be expressed, but it must be made in
writing to the Council using the contact details below before 09.09.2015. It is important to
appreciate that, having requested to be treated as a potential bidder, there is no

If no written request is made by a CIG within the interim moratorium, the owner is free to sell
The Star Inn on the open market once the six-week period has ended. If any written requests
are received during the interim moratorium, the Council will pass these requests to the owner
at which point the full moratorium period of 6 months comes into force. During the full
moratorium period the owner can continue to market The Star Inn and negotiate sales but
cannot exchange contracts or enter into a binding contract to exchange contracts, except to a
CIG. After 6 months, the owner can sell The Star Inn on the open market and no further
moratorium will apply for the duration of the ‘protected period’. The function of the protected
period is to protect the owner from repeated attempts to block a sale. Please be advised of the
following dates referred to above:

Date the council received the notice: 29.07.2015

End date of interim moratorium: 09.09.2015

End date of full moratorium: 29.01.2016

End date of the protected period: 29.01.2017

For more information or to make a request to be treated as a potential bidder, please
contact John Geoghegan on 01730 234184 or

Dated this 3rd day of March 2015.
On behalf of the Solicitor to the Council Penns Place Petersfield

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