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Jeel Al Amal

Jeel Al Amal

Our Charity for this month is something I requested, and is, I hope you will agree, worth supporting. The following is taken from their website:

It is a boys orphanage, and co-ed school in Bethany, which was founded in 1972. The difficult political circumstances during that period led to a rapid increase in the number of disadvantaged children and orphans. During the first year Jeel Al Amal operated at a rented facility in Bethany run by a committee of nine members of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem. Within that year the number of orphans rapidly grew from 10 to 120 boys, who received full support and protection at the boy’s home. In late 1984, Jeel al Amal moved into its new premises, which include the boarding section and co-ed private primary school, in Bethany. Since its establishment Jeel Al Amal has been supported by different international donors, church-related organizations, individuals and friends of the institution.

Jeel Al Amal provides the children with a genuine home atmosphere; the boarding section comprises dormitories, a kitchen, a dining-room, and a laundry room. The Kindergarten includes an imaginary space and multi-purpose room, and the co-ed school includes classrooms, a laboratory, a music room, a library and playgrounds. Currently, approximately 90 boys board at Jeel al Amal, and are dependent on the institution for their food, clothing, educational supplies and medical care.

The co-ed school provides free education for Jeel Al Amal Children until the sixth grade The school also provides quality primary education (until the sixth grade) to 350 boys and girls mostly from the Bethany area and surrounding villages. The school provides orphans the opportunity to learn and interact with other children from the surrounding community to ensure their social integration and empowerment. Education and all other related needs are offered by a qualified and dedicated staff of 35 teachers, administrative staff and house-mothers. Most of the children succeed and pursue their secondary and higher education or vocational training and become successful and productive citizens.

The society aspires to expand the school, so that it can include the preparatory and secondary stages. Thus, it is in need of adding further floors and renovating the current school buildings. In addition, there is a need for developing the teachers’ and house mothers’ capabilities.

Jill Hurley

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