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Hampshire Federation of Women’s Institutes

Hampshire Federation of Women’s Institutes

At the March meeting we were given an interesting insight into Stone-age food and cooking. 10,000 years ago there were more waterways, caused by glacier melt and more fish were available.

The inhabitants were hunter gathers and hunted with bows and arrows. They hunted red deer, auroc (large cattle) and wild boar. They carved bone to make fish hooks and harpoons to catch fish and animals.

They had some sort of watercraft as paddles have been found. They gathered nuts, beech hazel and acorns and roasted them to eat.

Many artefacts have been found in peat bogs, which have been well preserved. A most interesting and informative talk by Katy England.

Our next meeting 6th April at 7.30pm is Country Ways Roadshow.

We will be having a Coffee Morning at the RBL Hall on 20th April from 10.00 until 12 noon. Raffle and cakes for sale. Please come and support this event, you will be very welcome.

Gemma Hounsell

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