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Hampshire Federation of Womens Institutes

Hampshire Federation of Womens Institutes

We met on 2nd February in the B L Hall, which is always warm and cheerful. Our speaker Mr. J. Pitman was a real joy. Some of our older members remembered the machines at the seaside, which portrayed saucy pictures “through the keyhole” and it was quite a relief when he spoke of the Butlers duties and the hierarchy that existed below stairs in the great houses.

From Butler and Housekeeper through to footmen, maids, gardeners and, chambermaids to scullerymaids, and how their lives varied if you served in a good house or with a pretentious family where funds were fewer.

The hours worked below stairs were long, starting early before the family rose and only finishing when the family retired at night. It was a safe working environment but woe betide anyone who forgot their place!

Ruth Martin warmly thanked the speaker and the afternoon ended with a truly scrumptious tea provided by Victoria Raymond and Diane Southam.

The next meeting on 2nd March at 2.30pm at the BL Hall, when Mrs K. England will talk about “Stoneage Food and Cooking”. Guests will be warmly welcomed.

We will be holding a Coffee Morning on Thursday, 20th April at the BL Hall from 10 till 12noon. All welcome, details later.

Rosemarie Bradley

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