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Hampshire Federation of W.I.

Hampshire Federation of W.I.

At our meeting on 5th October, we heard Deborah Wheeler talk on Make do and Mend 1942. She became Mrs. Queenie Stacey a housewife of that era and told us how to make items of clothing from parachute silk, but not swimwear as the material become transparent when wet!

She showed us how to use various kitchen items to use for makeup including the end of a burnt cork instead of mascara and for seems on back of legs to look like silk stockings and many other useful tips.

Barbara Jeremiah showed us dresses made by British school children, that are made from pillowcases for African girls and also knitted tea shirts and hats for new born babies, all knitted by our own Secretary Pat Stratton.

We will be hosting the Alton Group Meeting on 12th October and the speaker will talk about The Life and Times of the Duke of Wellington.

The next meeting on 2nd November at 2.30pm Life at Sea, what it is really like working on a Cruise Ship by Mr Bishop. We welcome visitors.

Helen Herring

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