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Hampshire Federation of W.I.

Hampshire Federation of W.I.

At our meeting on 7th September, Mr John Richards talked on Life in Guernsey under German Rule.

John Richards is a Guernsey man born and bred. His mother was evacuated at the beginning of the German Invasion and returned 6 years later. Guernsey is a small island only 25 square miles and its allegiance is still to Normandy.

Children were evacuated with their teachers and four fifths of the children and half of the population went to England.

All the road signs were removed to confuse the Germans and food was very scarce for both sides and many of the inhabitants went out of their way to hinder the Germans. His father stole a German bike among other things and was sent to a P.O.W. camp in Bavaria.

1,000 people were interned in Germany and France. On the island they ran out of prison space and had a waiting list for the prisoners to be put in jail.

The occupation ended in 1945 and the Islanders returned home.

Our next meeting is October 5th Make do and Mend 1942 by Deborah Wheeler at 7.30pm.

We would welcome new members.

Gemma Hounsell

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