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Garden Notes – The Race

Garden Notes – The Race

What a lovely time of year. Every thing is growing madly and you are desperately trying to finish staking plants before they get out of hand. It is Chelsea chop time again. This works very well on phlox and campanula lactiflora. If you cut half the stems you can extend the flowering period. With sedums, which look dreadful if you take the shears to them, break the top few inches off with your finger and thumb. This gives a clean and unobtrusive cut and works really well. The plant becomes shorter and bushier with broader flower heads.

There are so many new sedums out there. If you only know the old pink one and Autumn Joy then have a look at some of the new varieties. There are lots of purple ones like Purple Emperor, Jose Aubergine and Xenon. Claire Austin sells a selection. If you want one with impact go for Madrona, a large luscious plant.

I was reminded when passing through Broad Chalk of seeing clematis in Cecil Beaton‘s garden. They were growing them on tables made of posts and netting in the lawn. So you had big squares of colour to look down on from the house. You can do a similar thing by growing them over low shrubs like a prostrate juniper. A very pretty combination in my garden was where a rogue stem of a dark purple clematis draped itself over a gold variegated periwinkle and the penstemon Garnet. This works best with the later flowering clematis. Those labelled pruning code 3.

The most important thing about making a garden is time. You visit a beautiful garden and hope to copy some of their ideas but you have to realise that to get the same effect you will need patience or an incredible amount of money. Yes you can buy time but the joy of a garden is seeing it grow not buying it ready made like some art installation. It is sad that people move around so often and plant for the moment not for the future.

Open Gardens:

Mon 1 May Ashe Park, Overton, 2-6.

Thurs 11 May & Thurs 25 May, 2 Church Cottages, Tufton, Whitchurch, 2-5.

Sun 14 May, Brick Kiln Cottage, The Avenue, Herriard, 12-5.

Sun 21 May, Berry Cottage, Farringdon, 2-5.30.

Wed 24 May, Dean House, Kilmeston, 10-4.

Sat 27 May, Clover Farm, Shalden, 1.30-5.

Stella Strachan

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