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Garden Notes – Keep it Going

Garden Notes – Keep it Going

I love going to Chelsea but this year it was not the exciting place it usually is. I only really liked one garden, The Silk Road, that the pundits talked down, while as for the best in show!! It was supposed to be a quarry in Malta with native plants. It was the tidiest quarry you have ever seen with all the stones cut to the same size and laid out in rows.

The couple next to us said it looked like a war grave cemetery. Pity about the weeds they said. Where were the gardens to inspire us with their plant combinations? These are supposed to be gardens not art installations.

Rosie Hardy had a new pale blue salvia on show. This had rather too much green in the flower spike. I felt a catmint would do the job just as well. In fact the one she introduced recently, Summer Magic, is superb. Both I and the cat love it.

Do you cut plants back? Sometimes you have to when you forgot to stake and you just cannot get the plant upright again. The efforts of a lupin to get itself upright are painful to see but you need to leave its foliage to feed the plant. Those early summer flowers such as catmint will show you that they should have been cut back by producing a whole new set of spikes from the centre leaving the old shoots straggling around the base. The hardy geraniums are another matter. I tend to leave them straggling since they provide ground cover. If you cut them back you have to weed round them. My gold lemon balm definitely needs a cut. With campanula lactiflora you will just have later shorter flowers. I find a circle of string round most plants keeps things looking tidy. It stops the Centaura montana from flopping and even some of the hardy geraniums need a bit of help so that they do not have a bare centre.

One new garden I would like to visit is White gables at Sherfield-on-Lodden, it calls itself a plantaholics paradise.

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