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Garden Notes – Frost!

Garden Notes – Frost!

What a shock that late frost was. My hydrangeas leaves are destroyed and I wonder if we will see any flowers this year. Perhaps this is the time to buy more of the ones that flower on new wood as well as old. The Endless Summer range will do this. Hostas are limp and even the really tough bergenias suffered. Otherwise the blossom has been superb. The poor vineyards have lost most of their crop.

I have been redoing the pots of plants that I keep over the winter in the conservatory. I let them dry out with just a touch of water throughout. When they start into growth I start slowly adding more water. I take them out of their pots and cut some of the root ball off adding fresh compost and feed. It seems brutal but it works. The only problem is with those that have been in their pots for a long time and have really solid root ball. It is difficult to re-wet the centre. When you water them it just goes over the top and down the sides and never gets into the centre. My son-in-law has old bay trees in tubs where however often he waters them the new leaves droop. I am trying to persuade him that the time has come for drastic measures. Having repotted mine I have stood them in a trough of water and left them overnight to really wet that centre.

There are lots of gardens open in June. Locally you have Froyle on the 3rd and 4th and Chawton on the 10th and 11th, while a newly open garden The Deane House at Sparsholt on the 18th sounds delightful.

Sat Jun 3 and Sun June 4, Froyle gardens, 2-6.

Sat June 10 and Sun 11, Chawton Gardens, 1-5

Sun 18, The Deane House, Sparsholt, 2-6

Sun 25 and Mon 26, Colemore House gardens, Colemore, 2-6

Stella Strachan

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