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Garden Notes

Garden Notes


When you buy plants have you wondered how they get such a well filled pot? Take a close look and you will see that they have often put several cuttings in to create a quick result. This does not only apply to herbaceous plants. I bought a leucothoe which turned out to have three well grown plants in the pot. These were easily separated to provide a good clump in the garden. That bigger pot may be a better investment than the cheap small pot.

The odd year is still having its effects. The bulk of daffodils that grew leaves early have flowered at their normal time with a much better display than last year. The bluebells are coming out early and all my magnolias are coming out at the same time instead of staggering themselves. The weeds and slugs are as bad as ever. If you use pellets to kill the slugs, the organic slug pellets containing ferric phosphate are recommended by Gardening Which and will not harm other wildlife. There does not seem to be any other reliable way to kill slugs. I shall keep spraying the roses to keep the blackspot under control, including a dose of seaweed extract in each spray as recommended by John Wood the Head Gardener at Hinton Ampner. If you have to plant a rose where one has been before I still recommend digging a hole large enough to take a cardboard box, twice as big as a wine box for twelve, and filling it with good soil from another part of the garden. Your rose planted in this has the best chance to make a good set of roots before it meets any problems.

There is such a lot to do at this time of the year, I always plan to get things staked early, but never manage it. A few handfuls of fertiliser like Growmore would be appreciated by your borders. I know Madam Nature does not use fertilisers, but she does not cut everything down each year and cart it away.

I am giving you some gardens that are farther away this time, since you have probably visited the local ones many times. Do pick up the National Garden Scheme booklet for Hampshire when you are next at a garden centre.

Sun 8th May, Shroner Wood, Martyr Worthy, SO21 1AG, 2 – 5pm

Thurs 12th and Sun 15th May, Little Court and Tanglewood, Crawley, SO21 2PU, 2 – 5.30pm

Sat 14th and Sun 15th May, Brick Kiln Cottage, Herriard, RG25 2PR, 12 – 4pm

Sun 22nd May, The Dower House, Headbourne Worthy, SO23 7LD, 2.30 – 5pm

Stella Strachan

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