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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

We have all spent the last few months marvelling at the range of plants that are behaving in unusual ways. What it has shown is the difference between everyone’s garden and the differences within each garden. You now know where the warmest, most sheltered and probably best drained places are in your garden. They are where those plants were exceptionally early. Of course some plants are sticking to their normal routine, but enough have flowered to show the favoured spots. Now you need to build on this. That plant that you know is a bit tender, can be tried in these spots. Think of the fun you can have!

The sodden lawns and borders are really slowing us up. It will be a mad scramble to get everything done when it gets drier. You can finish any pruning. I have tried the method of pruning roses with a hedge clipper. It is supposed to give you more flowers. I think it works well for a few years, but there comes a time when the bushes need a real tidy. All that dead stuff in the middle needs to come out. Once I have done that I will go back to the hedge clipper. It really speeds thing up.

There are two gardens you could visit in March, Little Court at Crawley near Winchester, and Beechenwood Farm near Odiham. Both these are lovely spring gardens.

Mon 28 March Little Court, Crawley, 2-5.30.

Wed 30 March Beechenwood Farm, near Odiham, 2-5.

Stella Strachan

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