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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

I hope you have all started to buy your bulbs. Perhaps this is when the gardening year really starts, when you are preparing for next year. Such glorious pictures on the packets promising you such delights.

Two things I will do this year is stuff my pots with twice as many bulbs as usual and stagger the planting of my pots. I do not keep bulbs for planting in pots next year so have no need to worry about feeding the bulbs. The tulips I throw away and the daffodils get put in the garden to recover slowly, hyacinths get planted in grass and provide delicate flowers in the following years.

Gardening Which has done a trial on planting dwarf narcissus in pots and found that earlier planting meant earlier and longer flowering with taller stems. Of course the length of flowering does depend on the temperature and as the weather warms up it will shorten this. Sarah Raven in the Telegraph has been looking at which tulips flower the longest, and suggests the viridiflora ones, those with the green stripe on their petals, the dark reds and the peony flowered ones.

I have found that covering the pots with a good layer of gravel, any size will do, keeps the squirrels from digging up the bulbs.

You may have seen the Autumn crocus in friends gardens. They are not crocus but colchicums, also called naked ladies because they flower without leaves. The leaves when they come in spring are large and luscious. They make good ground cover for the early part of the summer until they die back. In Beth Chatto’s garden they are used a lot as

ground cover.

Do not despair if you forget to plant your bulbs till very late. They will still try to flower foryou, they are very forgiving.

A last garden visit for the year could be to Chawton House, to see the newly restored walled garden, on Sunday 22 Oct , 11-5.

Stella Strachan

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