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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

I think there should be book written on the etiquette of garden visiting. “How not to annoy your host.”

Do you comment loudly on the fact that their hostas aren’t a patch on yours and how slug bitten they are. Or do you kindly walk past them and pretend that you have not seen them. Do you point out that obvious nettle that your host has overlooked. Perhaps you make a joke about having one’s nose too close to the ground weeding and never looking up.

Do you pull up weeds in other people’s gardens. This can make or break a friendship. I would never do this. It suggests you were tactless enough to see the weed in the first place. It reminds me of my mother-in-law who always picked up a duster when she came to stay, just to be helpful. She also only pointed out the weeds in the garden not the lovely flowers.

When taking a plant from your garden as a present, ask yourself if the reason you have enough to spare is because it is a thug and does your friend’s small patch need such a vigorous plant.

You need to find something positive to say. I usually find this easy as most gardens are tidier then mine and nature always ensures that one plant is doing better in their garden than in mine.

You must never take seeds on cuttings without permission. Most gardeners are delighted to be helpful. You have to realise that for most people their garden is very dear to them and to criticise it is as bad as criticising their children.

It is often embarrassing when going round a clutch of gardens in a village, where some only have neatness to recommend them, but you have to appreciate the effort that has gone into it and not just walk in the gate and straight out again.

The old phrase,” Do as you would be done by” should be your motto.

I have picked very local gardens this time. When I speak of helpful gardeners I found Susannah Addlington at Wheatley house was very generous. She also has local crafts for sale in her barn.

Stella Strachan

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