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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

Spring has rushed upon us and nothing seems to have got done over the winter. It was too wet, too cold, I was away and any other excuses I can think up. The first thing needed is a list of jobs to do so that you can place them in order of importance. Tackle some smaller ones first to get yourself back into harness.

The deciduous grasses will be starting to shoot so very carefully cut back last year’s growth trying to cut off as little of this year’s as you can. The evergreen ones just need a comb, but beware of cutting your fingers. If you have not finished pruning any shrubs then get on with it. I intend to be brutal with my roses this year, they have had the hedge trimmer cut for the last few years and now need a decent haircut. A fashionable short square bob?

Having left the herbaceous borders until now to cut down means that I can see what is sprouting so will not be planting lily bulbs on top of something else. You have to look on the bright side. It will be interesting to see how the oriental poppies have done. They hate the wet and have had some fungus attacks recently. The grey leaved plants and penstemons can go to the end of your list as they would rather keep hold of their top growth until the worst frosts have gone.

If it rains you can always clean out the shed. It is amazing how two flower pots can breed. All the babies are different shapes and sizes and cannot be stacked neatly. Be brutal and take them to the dump. Lots of those old seed packets can go too. Unless you have kept them in perfect conditions so that they did not get too hot, cold, dry or damp they will lose their viability. Old compost should not be used for critical seed sowing, put it in pots or on the garden. Gardening Which suggests that the new Wyevale composts are good for seed sowing.

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