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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

What a lovely late summer we have had. I have been reluctant to take the tender things inside.

The tercentenary of Capability Brown’s birth has brought gardening into the spotlight but I am not sure how much can be transferred to the average back garden. Some ideas would work. Using glossy light reflecting evergreens to brighten winter shrubberies and dark corners. Sinking a path between shrubs to give an enclosed feeling and adding sudden peeps through to the light between those shrubs. Serpentine paths to draw the eye onwards and make you explore what is round the corner.

One glossy evergreen that I have not seen before is a shiny leaved version of viburnum tinus. The original is quite dusty looking, but viburnum tinus lucidum with white flowers in late winter and early spring looks great. It is very vigorous and could be trained as a small tree and perhaps lollipop pruned.

Just think of all the other light reflecting evergreens like the common laurel, holly, especially the plainer leaved ones such as J. C. van Tol and camelliifolia, fatsia, camellias and mahonia.

What a pity we cannot add the odd lake and folly to our gardens. Somehow the goldfish pond and sundial do not have the same impact. We can however copy his ideas for vistas and constant surprises when walking round the garden. Just small views seen when you least expect them.

It is time to get the last of those bulbs in, make sure you get the berried holly before the birds and curl up with those enticing seed catalogues.

Stella Strachan

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