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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

This is the time when all the nurseries are full of fabulous plants. Which ones do you buy? Do you go for the tried and tested ones or do you try the very latest ones. You cannot even rely on the experts. Digitalis Illumination was a big hit a couple of years ago.

This was from Thompson and Morgan and promised a peachy pink hardy foxglove that would flower all summer. I tried it two years running. The small plugs never made enough growth in their first year to produce much flower and they died over the winter. I tried them in several places. Anemone Wild Swan was another sensation, but has rapidly been superceded by better though similar crosses. The geum Totally Tangerine from Hardy’s Cottage garden Plants is a great success and there is a new similar one called Scarlet Tempest. Hardy’s also have a new catmint called Crystal Cloud, which is lavender pink. I must get one. If you have a morning to spare, do make a trip down to Hardy’s nursery at Freefolk near Whitchurch. It will take you most of the morning to walk round the nursery.

Other plants I would recommend are the penstemon digitalis Dark Towers. This a easy plant to grow not like the ordinary penstemons. It is very tough and with plum foliage and lilac flowers, it is a beauty. The geranium Rozanne has ousted most of the other blue geraniums, it is just so good. The old toughy centaura montana that I associate with old rectory gardens now comes in different colours. You have not only the blue cornflower like original but pink, purple, white and white with a purple centre. Yes it does seed around but I would not be without it. I helps to give it a corset of string early on before it flops. I had in May a serendipitous combination, where the vivid purple geranium phaeum Lily Lovell had seeded into the double soft pink geum Bell bank. Both of these are really good doers and the geranium will give you seedlings of various shades of purple.

For gardens this month I just mention a few of my favourites. Pick up a copy of the NGS Hampshire gardens 2016 from your local garden centre for heaps more gardens to visit.

A local garden is Shalden Park House on The Avenue on July 3, 2-5. If you are very energetic you could combine Dean House with Hinton Ampner and Dipley Mill with West Green House which is just down the road.

Sun 3 July, Dean House, Kilmiston, 12-4.

Sun 17 July, Dipley Mill, Hartley Witney, 2-5.30.

Sat 30 and Sun 31 July, The Buildings, Broughton, nr Stockbridge, 2-5.

Stella Strachan

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