Garden Club

04 March, 2015

Garden Club Meeting

Garden Club

Our first meeting of the year will be on Mon 16 March at 7-30. We have been unable to book the Hall for our meetings this year so we will meet at my house Bentworth Hall West. We will start with the AGM, so let me know if there is any matter you wish to raise. We then have John Wood the head gardener from Hinton Ampner, talking about the garden there. He has some super pictures, because as he says he lives on site and can wander out in his pyjamas a 6-0 in the morning to get the best picture. Because you will not be able to walk to the meeting, perhaps you might like to get together and car share. ...

20 February, 2015

Bentworth Garden Club

Garden Club The Villager

Bentworth garden club had a very successful willow weaving day in January, with snow lying outside we all worked in the warm at Bentworth Hall. The range and quality of the work was excellent, and a good time was had by all. ...

01 February, 2015

Garden Notes

Garden Club The Villager

I have decided to tackle some overgrown shrub borders which have been there for over twenty years with the occasional prune. For Christmas I was given a battery powered garden saw by Bosch. It is amazing, so powerful, with a very thin blade which is ideal for getting into the centre of a shrub. Once the lithium battery is charged it keeps its charge, unlike the older style of battery. ...

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