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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

I expect you have collected all your leaves by now. Mine all go on the shrub borders where they keep the weeds down all year. You do have to keep an eye out for rogue tree seedlings. Do not pile it too high round the base of the shrubs. I find the netting I have round them against rabbits keeps them clear of too many leaves.

When you are out look for berried trees and shrubs that you can collect seed from. There are always some on the ground that you can pick up. It is very easy to grow tree seeds. That super coloured acer or the unusual coloured mountain ash can all be grown from seed. Just remove the soft berry part or cut the wing off the acer, sow in a small pot and cover with grit. Then you leave them out all winter and keeping an eye on them in spring bring them in somewhere safe from slugs when you see germination. I write the label and put it in the pot upside down with the writing covered with compost, this way the weather cannot damage it. So many supposed weatherproof pens do not stay legible.

The perfect Christmas gift is a gardening token. Even for those who do not garden. The nurseries now are as much about lifestyle as plants so there will always be something there for everyone. Don’t forget the holly!

Stella Strachan

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