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Church Projects

Church Projects

We have been fortunate over the last three or four years that the fabric of the Church has not needed any significant work, just the regular maintenance items.

Last winter, the boiler and oil tank gave us notice that they were life expired. Those who attended services, particularly the early morning ones, will have regularly found that the heating had failed to come on early to heat the church. This meant that the over-head electric heaters had to be used on most occasions. This was an expensive and inefficient solution, over heating heads whilst leaving feet icy, and costing several times the amount that the heating system would have cost. At the same time, the oil talk had developed several odd bulges and could only be part filled to avoid the risk of rupture.

The PCC started the paperwork process to get the necessary approval for boiler and tank replacement to be carried out during the summer, but we have only just had formal approval from the authorities. It is intended that the work should be carried out during November at a cost of approximately £12,500.

Over the years, the clock has generally kept good time with only occasional unplanned visits from the repairer. However, the visits recently have become more frequent and we have now reached the end of the line for some motors, and other 20-year-old parts, since spares are no longer available and getting one-off items manufactured is  ridiculously expensive.

Again, the PCC has had to take the decision to modernise these parts of the clock as most of the mechanism remains sound. This work will cost about £7,400 and will be carried out over the next couple of months.

The Church Fabric Fund, to which we have a small number of regular contributors, looks after general upkeep and maintenance and has reserves to cover the occasional emergency. In no way can it, even with the use of the church reserves, afford one-off costs approaching £20,000 without assistance from the Parish.

In order to carry out these essential works, we really need to raise funds from the community. We will be announcing a number of fund raising activities very soon, but we also need individual contributions. Any amount will assist and be gratefully received. You can donate directly to the Church account 83188916, Sort Code 60-01-13. Cheques made out to PCC of St Mary’s Bentworth can be put in an envelope and left in the Church or given to any member of the PCC, who will also be happy to arrange to collect donations from you at home. E-mails are listed below.

For those who pay tax, Gift Aided contributions add 25% to the value of the donation to the church at no additional cost to the donor. Gift Aid forms will be available in the Church, or PCC members will deliver these to you on request.

Please consider donating to help us maintain this beautiful historic building which is at the heart of our community.

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[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

Mervyn Dunwoody – PCC Treasurer


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