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Hampshire Federation of WI

Hampshire Federation of WI

Our speaker this month was the extremely humorous Judy Theobald who’s aptly titled ‘Life & other problems’ talk had us giggling like schoolgirls.

Judy, who from a very young age had yearned to be a journalist, was instead pushed into work, ‘suitable for young women’ by her parents. She loathed secretarial college but as it proved to be a back door into her coveted profession she persevered. Indeed she did get a job with a newspaper and initially was very pleased. However the journalist opportunity did not arise, (women in those days could be sacked for becoming pregnant) so feeling trapped in her secretarial role, Judy decided to try other careers.

In 1970 she joined the police force, which was also a disaster, After 2 children and 2 divorces she joined a writing class. This was a wise move and she was soon offered a poetry column in a local paper. The column entitled ‘Life & other problems’ was the achievement she had always longed for and her clever and droll observations of daily life kept her employed for 23 years. During this time Judy wrote over 1200 poems.

At the grand old age of 37 Judy became a reporter! One of her stories even made the 6 o’clock news! Luckily for us she began giving talks and reading her hilarious poems for the W.I. She admits that initially it was a terrifying experience; we were seriously impressed with her easy, confident and chatty manner.

Eventually she became a sub-editor, a role she enjoyed, until leaving when her children had grown. After a short spell working at Rampton mental Health Hospital, she returned to journalism as Editor for Lincolnshire life magazine. She held this job for 8 years before moving South to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

A thoroughly entertaining speaker who had us laughing all evening, here’s a taste for you all.

The Readership Survey by Judy Theobald

Ah yes, I confess, I’ve been reading ‘The Sun’,

But I’d noticed they’d just had this sex survey done

Asking why do men fall for blonde bits of fluff

Or wear socks to make love – you know, serious stuff.

Well then came the question that raised lots of laughter

Why do men always drop off to sleep ‘straight after’?

Well I think the answer’s quite simple, don’t you?

They’re joining their wives who dropped off halfway through

The next meeting is on Thursday 6th October at 7.30pm at the RBL Hall Herriard. Our speaker will be Mrs Sandra Simmons and her talk is entitled ‘ A day in Iran as a housewife’. Why not come along for a friendly welcome, tea & biscuits?

Diane Southam

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