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19 January, 2019

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Just before Christmas we advised parishioners that East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) had published a new draft Local Plan for 2017-36. This would mean a reduction in the minimum of number of dwellings required of Bentworth to six, compared with the previous allocation of “about twelve”. We and other parishes with emerging Neighbourhood Plans are, however, encouraged to produce site allocations that go beyond the minimum requirement. The EHDC plan is still a draft and will not be finalized till 2020. ...

23 December, 2018

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan and EHDC Draft Local Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

The Background As parishioners are aware, we have been working for some time on the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Bentworth Parish.  We have held three public meetings, had two questionnaires and have a good idea of what parishioners would like to be included in such a plan on the basis of an allocation of “about twelve dwellings” in Bentworth.  In our message posted in the April issue of “The Villager” we advised everyone, however, that the goalposts for neighbourhood planning had been moved by the Government.  Changes to housing policy at national level meant that there was now a legal requirement for all Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans to be reviewed every five years.  East Hampshire District Council’s (EHDC) current Local Plan (which contains the allocation of “about twelve dwellings” for Bentworth) would become out of date in May 2019 and EHDC were launching a review to create a new Local Plan, which would be adopted in 2020 and would run from 2017-2036. As part of this review process, EHDC also embarked on a new call for sites for development.  In the light of these developments our Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee decided to continue to work up the narrative of our plan and also the Vision, Objectives and Policies, but to put on hold any decision on sites. ...

13 March, 2018

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Parish Council The Villager

In late January we learned that the government had moved the goal-posts. EHDC briefed representatives of all towns and parishes in the region of changes which were being made at national level through the government’s most recent Housing White Paper and subsequent amendments to legislation, National Planning Policy Guidance and National Planning Policy Framework. You may have seen some reporting on this in the national or local press. ...

29 January, 2018

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Parish Council

In the January issue of “The Villager” we thanked parishioners for attending the 28th November Public Meeting in such large numbers. We also invited comments on the draft Vision, Objectives, Policies and Community Aspiration, which we had presented at that meeting. ...

23 December, 2016

Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meeting 15th December

Neighbourhood Plan

A big thanks to everyone who attended the Public Meeting on 15th December.  The Jubilee Hall was packed, with 110 parishioners attending, a great turn-out! ...

26 November, 2016

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meeting

Neighbourhood Plan

A big thanks to everyone who completed the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire! The response rate was well over 50%, so we can be comfortable that we have a good cross-section of opinion within the parish. ...